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About Us

Our Mission

NYPA mission is to reach millions of people every year organizing different promotional events and selecting best among them to show their talents. NYPA empowers our communities with the capability of creating choices for those people best specialised, allowing them to transform their own lives and ensuring a permanent and irreversible change for good . NYPA envisages to sustainable development and growth of millions of talented people providing them a right platform.

Our Vision

NYPA focuses on the promotion of hidden talents of individual from different corner of the country. Basically it is to encourage all kind of skills and offer a platform to our youths to show their talents. National Youth Promotion Association aims at bringing different skills on the same platform as the foundation of the hidden talents making it a global practices to make a benchmark in any skill development program.

Quick Links (2017-18)

"Fitness World Mr. North India" Body Building & Deadlift Championship-2017-18

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